We can help you
 increase engagement & sales
for your Instagram profile

Time is the one currency in life that you can’t stockpile or trade. It’s your most precious asset.

We spent more than a year developing the ideal tool to save you time and boost your business on Instagram.

We know you’ll agree that you can’t get meaningful results without attractive and engaging posts so that’ll still be up to you and your team.

That leaves us to use our creation to focus on finding and engaging your potential customers and followers

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You can’t travel in time
So we built a tool that saves it

That tool is Media Booster, our pride and joy.

We guarantee it will help you save time and grow your audience and sales on Instagram.

Imagine you own a restaurant in Paris, and you want to find locals to promote it and eat there.

You set up Media Booster to engage with customers who have posted from your competitors’ locations. Our tool then converts them into your customers, who can post photos of your food.

At the same time, Media Booster uses the right keywords and hashtags to find your future customers – people who live near your restaurant or visit your city and have shown an interest in the type of cuisine you’re serving.  There are plenty of targeting options to ensure Media Booster finds and engages with the people you want to come to your restaurant.

All that’s left for you to do is keep generating engaging posts, ones that will keep your  followers interested. Our tool brings them to you so you don’t have to spend your valuable time trying to find them.

How Does It Work?

1. Configure Your Accounts

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2. Watch The Results And Adjust For Better Performance

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3. Convert Your Customers Into Sales and Website Traffic

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Why does it work?

  • Media Booster searches for users who suit your target audience by a number of different parameters which you can set up.
  • We don't use methods that are against Instagram's policies, such as mass following, automated comments and bot accounts.
  • From our extensive testing and existing users we have already reached millions of potential customers and helped convert thousands into customers and website traffic.

One Instagram Tool To Rule Them All

One Place for All Your Accounts

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One Analytics Platform To Help You

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Keeping You and Your Data Safe

Artificial Intelligence System

Our system uses custom AI to perform in a way that amplifies human activity, while complying with Instagram's usage policies.
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Private Proxies

Each user is given their own location linked private proxy when they set up their account for total privacy.
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SSL Protected Connections

We use the most current standard safety protocols to keep your data safe.
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Costs Effective
Better Results For Less

Media Booster has another benefit – we save your time and save your money too.

“How can you save me money?” – you ask?

Assume you spend $2000 on Instagram ads to reach a larger audience for your posts. For a start, you can’t actually set advertising goals for follower growth. Which means you have to pay either per click or per 1000 impressions.

At an average cost per click of $0.70-80,  you will generate around 2660 clicks to your website and reach tens of thousands of users during the campaign.

Average Instagram Adverts Cost Per Follower


Don’t forget – Even if you stop using Media Booster, all of your followers will stay with you. They are real people who are interested in what you offer and they chose to stay updated by following.

Average Media Booster Cost Per Follower


Alternatively, you can use Media Booster for 2 years! Over that time we can reach millions of users and generate thousands of followers and visitors to your website.

Average Instagram Influencer Cost Per Follower


Or you could spend the same on paying Instagram Influencers for posts and promotions that reach a larger number of people, but have a wildly varying number of visitors to your website.

We just connect them with you!

After an advertising or influencer promotion campaign you need to pay again to continue getting results, as both charge you directly for getting your posts and message out there.

Who Uses Media Booster?

Testimonial by Volodymyr Buriy
Volodymyr Buriy
Co-founder at Chicago4you.us
Media Booster is our most successful solution to grow the followers of our clients, and keep them engaged enough to convert to sales later. Instagram adverts aren't cheap and influencers don't always get results, but Media Booster can provide us with a way to reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of Instagram users for less than we would spend on either.
Testimonial by Tristin Roney
Tristin Roney
Owner, Honestly Essential Oils
Media Booster is incredible! Our little business can produce content, but we have really struggled when it came to the engagement piece that is necessary to grow your Instagram audience.. We get followers that are genuinely interested in our brand and products, and we are convinced it has been a key factor in our online sales growth of over 350% in the last three months.
Testimonial by Jule Palenu4ka
Jule Palenu4ka
Blogger & Entrepreneur Marketer
Since I started using Media Booster for each of my Instagram accounts, I have seen a massive increase in followers & engagement on each of my profiles. When you add this to the incredible support provided by the guys, you have a really great tool. They even helped me get everything started when I signed up by accessing my account and doing it for me!

Still not sure?
Check out these offers for a head start

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$49 / mo.
  • Set up 80 targeting tasks per account
  • 8 hours of activity per day
  • Analytics + Performance Reporting

33% OFF
Ideal for Beginners

Recommended for personal accounts (photographers, models, artists etc) and small businesses, with a smaller social presence.

If you have more than one account you can check out our other plans.

20% OFF
Control Multiple Accounts and Reach More People

Our business plan is for medium businesses and marketers to get better results and take their Instagram presence to the next level.

$99 / mo.
  • Set up 100 targeting tasks per account
  • 10 hours of activity per day
  • Analytics + Performance Monitoring
  • Set Up 2 Accounts
Image module
Image module
$199 / mo.
  • Set up 120 targeting tasks per account
  • 10 hours of activity per day
  • Analytics + Performance Monitoring
  • 5 Instagram Accounts (More Available)

20% OFF
Ideal For Larger Organisations

Recommended for digital marketing agencies that aim to provide predictable results for their clients, and other users that may require multiple accounts – for example political parties during election campaigns. 

Don’t waste your time achieving success on Instagram.

Since time is the one immaterial object which we cannot influence—neither speed up nor slow down, add to nor diminish—it is an imponderable, valuable gift.
– Maya Angelou

Do you work for clients on Instagram?
We’re Looking For Partners.

We have a successful track record of working with international marketing agencies and freelancers and ready to share our win-win formula with you too.

We provide easy management of client accounts, useful reporting tools, regular commissions on client payments and a solid and dependable business relationship with all of our partners, and offer great rewards for partners that perform well.

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